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SunBlaster T5HO Combo Grow Light 48″


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sunblaster t5ho combo grow light 48″

all sunblaster t5ho combos include our t5ho electronic ballast,  6400k lamp, power cord with on /off switch, and jumper plug with both hanging and flat surface mounting clips. the nanotech t5 reflector spreads light wider across the plant canopy, penetrating deeper into the plant foliage, without consuming any additional power.

the sunblaster t5 nanotech reflector increases the light output as much as 48% without consuming any additional power. the nanotech t5 Reflector that is included in your combo also provides superior heat reduction by reflecting heat the was previously absorbed by the lamp and ballast into the growing area. this can help extend both lamp and ballast life.

sunblaster t5ho lamps provide the ideal spectrum for seed, cuttings and plant growth. photosynthesis outputs peak between 435 nm and 680 nm. our 6400k t5ho lamps have a spectral distribution with relative intensity peaks at 435 nm and 615 nm. these are ideal for both propagation and longer-term growth.